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We turn the students' school experience into a space mission designed and crafted by them. We change the classroom experience with an engaging, interesting and interdisciplinary spatial journey.

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The philosophy of allowing the student's creativity and interest to guide the direction of the class is fundamental within the Ideia Space methodology.


In our classes, it is a priority for the students' interest to guide the course, and for that reason triggers and incentives to imagination are used throughout the class so that they build concepts together with the teacher in an interdisciplinary way.

We are based on the educational process with “hands on”, bringing experiments and immersive activities that actively generate knowledge.

This physical contact between the student and the objects in the class increases the student's insertion in the learning process, making it a multi-sensory experience for students.

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We encourage students to identify a problem and, from there, seek knowledge to understand it and develop strategies to solve it.


We encourage students to work in groups to carry out the development of a space mission while learning knowledge about space and its technologies.

We develop the skills of the professional of the future

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Decision making

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Team work

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Problem Analysis and Resolution

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The student journey is divided into 6 stages of learning.

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"
Nelson Mandela
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