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Innovation starts with an Idea!

Know  more about space education and bring a new teaching experience to your school.


What is space education?

Since the beginning, humanity has looked to the sky and been fascinated by its mysteries and possibilities.

In this context, Ideia Space is created, an EdTech that connects space and education, forming a transforming and social emancipator instrument.

Our methodology brings the space and its curiosities as stimuli for the students journey

We are committed to the individual and collective training of students and work on skills that are fundamental in a globalized and plural world: critical and innovative thinking.

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Lesson plans

We provide a kit with lesson plans that orients the methodology application

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Teacher training

We train and specialize teachers in the application of the Ideia Space methodology

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Methodological assistance

Personalized assistance to facilitate the methodology application in class

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Ideia Space Methodology

We make it possible for the creativity and interest of the students to guide the direction of the class

The main objective of the Ideia Space methodology is the application of space as a means of connection to form a creative education, with hands-on work and that encourages analysis and problem solving through projects.

 Isabela - Student 

Here at Ideia Space, we believe that it is important to offer our students complete and quality training, and that is why we invest in our Space Education programs.

But what do our students really think about this area of study? To answer this question, we gathered some testimonials from them.

See what our students are saying

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